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International Students

Applicants from overseas can apply directly or through our authorized representative Education Consultants or directly. However, it is recommended if you are approaching us via Education Consultant please verify their authenticity via our e mail

N.B No representative is authorized to take cash payments on behalf of our institution. There is no visa charges, admission charges or application charges to submit an application.

To  apply for one of our courses please ensure to submit the below mentioned documents along with application. Incomplete application pack will be not be considered until furnish mandatory documents.

Application Pack is consists of following documents to decide your application.

  • A complete application form (Click here to download)
  • Copy of your recent min six months valid passport (Photo Identity page and/or Signature page and/or Visa page if not living in your native country)
  • Copies of your all previous qualifications and transcripts.
  • Your English test result showing your level of English (IELTS or equivalent English test which is approved by British Council Approved testing system).
  • Proof of finances available to cover the expenditures or cost during the study, (Bank statement minimum of 28 days latest).
  • Work experience Certificate If applicable
  • Job letter pertaining current job title or position, current income, tenure of service with last employer and income tax return if applicable.

General Information:

  • The institution has the right to refuse the application if not eligible on minimum criteria set out by the UK regulatory bodies.
  • The institution has the right to refuse change of course if the learner has already been granted admission. (It is because of several reasons including pre-entry assessment).

Accommodation Assistance:

To find accommodate in a foreign country can be a hard for an individual who has no orientation to the areas. We believe on care and student welfare is a part of policy. We can offer range of affordable and convenient accommodation as per learner’s needs.

  • The college has policy to provide assistance to arrange accommodation if desired.
  • To manage accommodation for learner it is required to confirm required accommodation space five weeks before move in and full deposit is required to pay.
  • This service is entirely on welfare basis and institution has not monitory benefits in it; therefore, it is a learner responsibility to pay rent or deal with matters related to payments with property-owner.

Travelling Arrangements:

  • If you have been granted visa and would like get assistance to receive you at airport, our Student Welfare Officer can assist you to drop at your accommodation. This service is only available at your request with minimum one week prior notice from the date of travelling. This service is available on no profit no loss basis. Therefore, learner will have to pay the cost of travelling expense.
  • If you granted a visa and has unexpected delay in travelling due to any reason please contact admission department or . It is further requested to please let us know before you start travelling in case of delays.


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